Abbreviation for Stoned As Fuck, a term used by Marijuana smokers.
1. 'I'm SAF bruv, whatchu saying?'
2. While exiting the room "03" he realized how SAF he was.
by O3Gulf October 20, 2011
“How are you and your gf bro?”

“We just broke up man. Feelin SAF”
by justforubro September 23, 2020
SAF=Sad As Fuck
A term produced by comic artist @dystopiancomics.
Friend: My sister just died.
Me: Damn, that's SAF.
Friend: SAF?
Me: Sad as fuck (Credit to @dystopiancomics)
by Photographicmemery June 9, 2019
God that guy is SAF!!
by Pembs101 November 22, 2011
Single Asian Female. The counterpart would be SAM, Single Asian Male. These terms are used in dating services.
I'm a SAF looking for a SAM to have a fun time with.
by Raymond L. December 7, 2004