Man that guy is stupid as fuck.

See that guy Bill over there, he is stupid as fuck.

Why are you stupid as fuck?
by MrGlova October 26, 2012
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A term for the world as it is now that people use when they can't find anything else to describe just how most of the people in the world are so ass stupid and how stupid it is as a whole and just how fucked up it is. Anyone who has had any experence with the world knows it is a perfect discription and if they don't know it they don't know Jack squat.
by Deep blue 2012 June 29, 2010
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a person that you feel can go suck a dick and drown on it and die okay there just a person that gets all your fucking nerves and is annoying as shit
Is that kloe kardashian? No thats kim kardashian you stupid dumb fuck.
by amazerzin.mel March 17, 2015
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Rajat bhargava would be considered a “Stupid Indian Fuck” so to speak
Him: wow look at that “Stupid Indian Fuck” he’s always asking for bobs and vagene pics on Line
by Stupid Indian Fuck May 24, 2018
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When someone is so stupid they think you're being stupid.

They say unrelated things all the time.
And they use the same thing over and over.
Leo: you know that doesn't mean that rugby
Jordan: I did but want to say something that was wrong dumb fuck
Leo: so you're saying you wanted to say something dumb? You're stupid ass fuck
by Geronimo_SLB June 11, 2014
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1: a stupid bitch that you want to call a bitch and fuck.

2: it's also a stupid bitch that you want to insult by using the word fuck, but are to lazy to put fuck in front of the word bitch.
by i’m dumb and bored November 22, 2019
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