Shame about the face. A chick with a good body but a terrible face.
Oh she's a SAF!

You know I would totally do her!
But she's a SAF, dude.
True true, but SAF's can be great practise.
Very true, very true.

I'd bag that SAF up and take her to the horses.
by AnotherdudecalledMike August 6, 2007
Felisha: 1×1=2
Melisa: smh your SAF
by Skype for sky October 29, 2018
Safe as fuck, comes from the film human traffic.
your tunes are SAF bruv
that rave was SAF
by mullie man January 26, 2007
to light one up, smoke a joint,
to Smoke a Fatty
to be Smoked as Fuck
Get SAF, Safaded, Smizaf, Smafeded
by Ferraro Testeroso March 24, 2005
Shit As Fuck. A way of expressing severe distaste towards something.
"Man, that was totally SAF"
by Swack January 25, 2010
When someone sneaks a feel, hence "sneak a feel"

self explanatory.
Joe - "Dude, I totally just saffed that girl!"

Thomas - "So jealous, Joe, I wish someone would saf me!"
by rawrcalimari August 13, 2010