short version of 'such a faggot'
OMG!! Dat guy is SAF
by Deathrow_Records February 24, 2005
(ABRV) (Internet Slang) SAF - Safe As Fuck
A phrase used mainly by the chav culture in the UK, Meaning Excellent, Great, Yes, I agree, Sorted etc...
Guy 1 - Sup blud?, We gonna check da rave 2nite pull nuff peng bitches innit!, Is u up 4 it blud?

Guy 2- Ya blud, Safe as fuck!
by SafeAzFuck September 28, 2010
A SAF could be

1.A 4th Year Apprentice Electrician that says he's a journeyman, well pretty much.

2. An electrician who supervises an HVAC Controls job.

3. An electrician who thinks everyone else is retarded.
by woebearer13 March 15, 2009
SAF, stands for Suspicious As Fuck...or can be shortened to just Sus As Fuck, meaning when a person is acting in a suspicious, shady way or when a situation is suspicious...
Omg, did you see how Saf those Robinson boys were acting, I think they are up to something...,
by Mistress Cassandra November 30, 2021
Saf is an amazing guy who is always stressed and will fuck up in anyway possible. But he is also a very dank memer and feeds on memes for his dopamine or else he dies. He is so hilarious and the always cringe but no one cares. Everyone loves him.
“Who’s that?” “That’s Saf.”
by chloeyourgamergirl February 19, 2019
The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. I know that sounds kinda cliche, but trust me, she proved it. She's the best friend you're looking for, and makes a Damn good lover. I'm one of the lucky people that experienced the way she loves, and once you feel that, you don't wanna let go. She makes it easy to love, and even easier to wait. Never make the mistake of hurting her, cause it feels like shit hurting an angel. If you get the honour of being painted/drawn by her, that means she's special to you, and never take advantage of that. And if she writes about you, makes you playlists/Pinterest boards, and ruins her sleeping schedule for you, you're even more special, so treat her the same. Treat her like how she deserves. Treat her like she's the only person in the world. This is Saf in my eyes, and everyday I look forward to knowing her more. Just to know you made her happy, that you made her smile, is enough to make you the happiest person in the world.
me: who's that sexy girl with the bangs and carrying books? the one with the lanky legs but still sexy?
them: ugh! how do you not know who she is? she's Only the most sweetest and beautiful girl ever! her name is saf!
me: id like saf to be my wife :)
by raygabriel May 18, 2021
Suck em And Fuck em Sydrome.
I caught SAFS from slapping that girls ass with my hand.
by Victor Braga November 10, 2006