A term Native American's use to troll the absolute shit out of pretendians who know nothing about Native heritage, AKA white people, when they claim to have Native heritage.
Paleface: "Wow, you're Native! My grandmother is Cherokee."
Native: "Oh, so you're enrolled?"
Paleface: "Enrolled? What's that?"
Native: "Oh, so you're an S3 Cherokee? That's cool."
Paleface: "Thanks, my brother, it's a shame all these white people ruined our land."
by Proud 2 b Native January 14, 2022
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Stands for "Solid Snake Shit". Used when you have performed something stealthy or sneaky. Sometimes can have semi-illicit connections.
Total S3.
by Grunty-Wunty December 9, 2010
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Stands for "Super Simple System". Mainly used to demonstrate computer program/subroutine complexity.
Trevor: "Is there a callback system set up for when a sprite is done playing?"
Dylan: "Nope, it's an s3 so that kind of functionality is outside of the current scope"
Trevor: "fair 'nuff"
by pr0duct1ve August 12, 2009
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A united class that uses their strengths to the fullest potential to conquer challenges.

~ "Shri"
Shri: "How is S3-01 like"
Jayden: "United"
by Snyper - F1 January 8, 2022
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1. The act of having sex, preferably with someone's mother. Similar to sex0r, but far more k00l.
d00d, i liek 2 haev teh s3><0rz!1!!11
by CBurns February 19, 2003
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The worst fucking phone ever made. It's complete trash. People who own it tend to also own a Honda CRV. Watch out they're everywhere.
Why is my galaxy s3 so trash?!
by DonOfTheChamps March 7, 2016
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Total and complete iPhone copy
"Hey, look at my Samsung galaxy S3"

"That's just another iPhone knock off by Samsung. "
by genius_91 August 2, 2012
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