Shri is the type of girl you want to take to the club. She is down to dance her butt off. She thinks she is not worthy of many people,but it's the total opposite. She is someone you can trust and can tell your secrets to. It might not seem like it but she can get hurt very easily so watch what you say around her. It goes to heart. She always worries about issues that no one else can see, but who doesn't. She doesn't believe in herself as much so believe in her for her. She is smarter and more beautiful than she thinks so hype that up and tell her everyday. Shri is the shit, not shit.
If I'm not a Shri I don't know what I want to be.

Can I get me a Shri ?
by Cicipizza June 12, 2018
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Shri stands in for shit.
OHH Shri. I can't believe I failed that test.
by Ohhshri December 05, 2017
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The worlds best couple in the whole world. #OTP

#OTP - one true pair
Aww they're so cute!

yeah they must be a Daniel and Shri!
by chloeanddanicaforever January 29, 2017
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a shithole place (stinks like farts), toxic bixches to the brim, peepee suckers, resumé whores, god level inferiority complex from stephens, this place treats freshers like white people treated blacks in the 20th century :(
Ram : hey man i heard someone blowed their professor for an A in math? which college was that bloke from?
Shyam : fuck bro, shri ram college of commerce probably
Ram : hehe fuckers
by kangana ranaut February 05, 2021
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The word predictive text outputs if you type 'pished' into your phone while pished.
'I didn't make it home last night, I was pure shried'
by Ripped Manly April 29, 2020
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