1. Sex
2. Sexy
3. To have sex
1. I like to sex0r sluts out in the hen-house.
2. She is teh sex0rs!
3. So, you want sex0rs, eh?
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 11, 2003
The l337 gamer dreamed of being s3x0red up by the hentai bitch.
by 1337 June 1, 2003
Sex0r is an noun for sexual activity, meaning the range of sexual occurances that can be achieved in a l33t environment.
n00b_h4x0r: omg imma get s3x0r =O!
c001_d00d: Ur t3h g3!g|-|, u are just going to go on teh pr0m omg
n00b_h4x0r: hahhaa, n00b i r got g/f (H)
imma get r33l s3x0r
c001_d00d: wtf, />|-|46
by 0_owaffleo_0 June 24, 2003
That Jimmy Nguyen tried to sex0r that dumb bitch, but she preferred Joseph Duongs. David Dryjanski nor Stephen Lam could sex0r her, but Thomas Park was able to because she likes that nasty stuff.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 21, 2003
incredibly awesome.
that pizza was teh sex0rs.
by sex0rqueen April 27, 2004
1. To sex something
2. To engage in sex with something (human or otherwise)
3. Used by the wordl33tword
"Sex0r her up, f00!"
by Nyo December 8, 2002
To have sexual relation with, or to sex with. Also see sex0r your face.
by Gxp December 14, 2003