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The name Rutendo is of African Shona origin.
The meaning of Rutendo is "faith".

A name given to a smart beautiful woman normally from Zimbabwe Rutendo is always a leader and never follows her counterparts Rutendo is a caring and loyal individual who always puts family first.

Nicknames: Tendo and Rue.
Wow did you see Rutendo the other day? She looked so beautiful in that dress!
by Girl on fire! December 11, 2012
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A name of African origin (Shona) usually given to a girl. Rutendo is usually light in skintone, beautiful and small in stature. She is usually outgoing and sometimes can be very frank. Rutendo’s are usually very lazy.
by Ybnga March 06, 2019
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Very lovely lad that comes from Zimbabwe,
Knows how to treat the gyaldem, and loves his sadza n veg
Have you heard about Rutendo
by Zi Baba November 06, 2018
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A Rutendo is like a Rukudzo but just the girl version. She’ll stun u with her beauty and her adventures easy going personality. A rutendo is a mature women who knows what she wants when she looking for in a relationship, but be careful because once your out of her life there’s no way going back in
Wow she’s like a Rukudzo

Nah I reckon she’s a Stella

Get real she a rutendo
by Lalasultans March 06, 2021
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