When a person is drunk and waving one hand in the air while holding a drink.
OMG!! Look at that guy dance, he's doing the Russell!
by Anonymous Me October 19, 2007
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Russell is a guy who cares a lot of his friends feeling. Sometimes he might care about his friends’s feelings more than his girlfriend but that doesn’t mean he don’t love her enough. If you’re dating a Russell, you’re a very patient girl. Russell will care about the tiniest little things that matter most. But he might be ignorant towards the bigger things and some times messes up with his priorities. You’ll feel insecure while dating Russell because of his priorities problem. Most of the time you’ll get hurt by Russell too. But with Russell, you’ll have the sweetest memories because of how caring and gentlemen he is. You just need to be patient and maybe at the end of the day, Russell will give his priority whole heartedly to you.
Russell is loving and sometimes a little bit stupid

Love a Russell
by Pixiepie February 21, 2019
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Russell is a dude who really likes to masturbate ALOT like 3 times every day, very horny dude. He has a very huge penis and girls underestimate the power of his dick poundings.
Girl 1: O my God it’s Russell
Girl 2: he is so hoooot he makes me cum in my pants
Girl 3: Vanessa said he had a 8 inch penis

Girl 4: YUuuuum
by Dontgive2fucks September 05, 2018
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best friend ever. he is a lady killer how has great penis. all boy are friends with him all girls crush on him. he is extremely funny and no one is better then him. he is good at sports and he is extremely hot and strong he has an 8 pack too.
why cant you be like Russell
by your favorite reseler December 16, 2016
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Loves doing homework. Always finishes his Science test on time! Is a pro gamer. Gets lit computers at Christmas. Is litty spaghetti and likes to post memes on Instragram chats.
by Jole24 October 10, 2018
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The kindest boy in the world. Very hand some and good looking with cold blue eyes. They like crisps and chilling out in the sofa. Sometimes they are very grumpy but even that in time they are sexy and cute.
They are supportive and they are hero coz the hold the mobile phone all the time when you watch movie with the.you can hug them inseat of pillow becouse they are so soft
They can be a lord commender.
I love you grumpy Russell
Hi russell which one would you like, crisp or white house?
Russell : crisp plz
by Russell's Pepe December 04, 2018
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