A guy who keeps a massive dildo under his bed incase he feels freaky at night. He also has a strange love for boys with the name schmeicel. If u seen him walking down the street I’d hide cause he’s coming for you if your name is schmeicel.
Oh look it’s a Russell walking down the street! HIDE!
by Joe likes pegging December 15, 2019
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Russell’s are extremely handsome guys. They have huge cocks and They mostly have braces and Blackish hair. They are so cute and funny and sweet. They will make extremely good boyfriends and usually play sports like baseball or football. They will never let you down.
Girl 1: your lucky your dating a russell

Girl 2: I know he’s so nice and active and his cock is huge.
by Russell the man November 15, 2018
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Has roughly a 7 inch penis. Russell's go well with girlfriend's named Evelyn. Because Evelyn's are also very attractive and nice. Russell's are very kind and caring. They are very athletic and very attractive
Evelyn: Look at my boyfriend Russell, he can last all night
Russell: Hell yeah I can
by Itz_Mitchellez December 09, 2018
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A bad ass baller and thinks he got the biggest dick. Believes he’s very shmexy and looks at his math teachers ass all day. He is known to have cute dogs.
Do you ball? You must be a Russell!!
by Im2cool4you January 10, 2019
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(v.) When a male cums on a females face, then plucks his pubes putting them on her face using the cum as an adhesive. While she cleans her face the male penetrates the females ass unexpectedly
I had this girl over the other day and she wanted me to give her the russell

I watched this redtube video and this girl got russelled
by poonane February 17, 2010
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A kind and loving guy that will do anything for the one he loves.
by Gman106 June 19, 2018
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