This person is someone that you will never regret meeting. It's like a bestfriend but more, I guess you could say a soulmate, he's the one person in the world that gets you better than anyone else. Someone who makes you a better person physically and emotionally. He's someone you carry with you forever. So when you fall Inlove with a guy named Russell, make sure you fall hard so he can pick you up.
I fell hard for a guy named Russell
by Unkown_lover September 16, 2016
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although a common name, Russells (particularly of the Miller brand) are kind hearted, lovable, sweet, and will do anything for the people they love. They are incredibly loyal to their family, and they make wonderful husbands. Your brothers will love him and you parents will be thrilled to have him as part of their family.
oh man you lucky girl you, you scored yourself a Russell! you can look forward to a lifetime of happiness with that one!
by gillybeansGEM March 10, 2011
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Russell Is cool, He is also Very Funny, He has a huge cock, He's Sexy, and athletic and Has Swag Which Comes With his Loyalty.
Gurl 1:Russell Is so Sexy!
Boy 1: I Fuckin hate him He's Cocky
Boy 2: Are You being a Hater Tay?
by Onlydarealsurvives June 16, 2017
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A sweet person at heart and a jerk at times, Russell is a guy with a huge head but a dumb mind. He is a romantic lover and his friends envy him. He's an energetic little shorty with potential and sarcastic ways. He's sexy and funny and all the ladies love him, if you went out or are going out with a Russell man ur hearts as happy as a slice of hot cake<3
Girl1:look at Russell so sexy... Boy1:god dammit why do all the girls like him?!
by Nadiswaggkid98 March 14, 2012
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