A profession that everyone thinks they know something about, when in reality, is very technical and requires extensive knowledge of history, fashion, architecture, building codes, art, and the basic principles and elements of design.

Practiced by an "interior designer," or "designer," for short.
I went to college for four years to study interior design.
by speakingthetruth June 13, 2008
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1) if a male they are flamingly homosexual
2)if woman have her help u with your house but make the decisns yourself
3)if woman and hott let her help u do ur house but make the decisions then help yourself 2 her
all male interior designers are gay
by putle September 6, 2003
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Shop fittings are mostly done by interior designers. This is why shops in shopping centres are filled with radioactive pink colour.
by elmohead April 23, 2006
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