Country slang , commonly used in supply NC RUINED- as in someone's face is ruined like there so ugly it's messed up !
Damn , he ruint

That bitch ugly asf she ruint
Yo face ruint
Un uh that outfit ruint
by Summertime August 6, 2013
To completely destroy something.
Boy, you ruint my car by driving it in the lake.
by morrison117 October 17, 2010
1) Past tense of Ruin {ALSO known as Ruined} ... Something that has went bad or is spoiled

2) Destroyed, wrecked or decayed condition.
1) I believe the food we got at the restaurant last night was ruint.

Don't drink that milk its ruint!!

2) My friend & I was ruint after all that Tequila we drank last night!
by OleSouthernLady March 14, 2016
Past tense of Ruin (also pronounced "roin").
Damn, foo. Mah whole creeib was ruint after that bitch threw her joint down on mah flo.
by zor November 7, 2003
ugly, unattractive, horrible looking, fucked up in tha face. Someone who is not tha buisness
Dude: Ay, wats good ma, can i get yo #

Gurl: Hell naw nigga u iz RUINT!
by Shaunice December 18, 2007
1. Used to describe the state of a woman's body after childbirth, or the action the caused her to become pregnant.

2. A destroyed, wrecked, or decayed condition.
"I heard about poor child Celie, already ruint two times."
-The Color Purple
by Nobody Know February 1, 2014