To turn your head while passing by something/someone or someone/something is passing by you. Either slowly turning your head to track your eyes on the spectacle or to repeatedly turn your head to keep looking at it.
They slowed down to rubberneck at the car accident.

People have been rubber necking at me all day. Is my fly down or something?
by eilan427 May 2, 2017
The act of looking at something as you drive by. People do it when they come past an accident. Also tourists do it when they are observing the scenery when they are driving. It quite often causes traffic to slow down because the person looking generally slows down a bit to look out their window or windshield.
"That tourist in front of us is just rubber necking and causing this traffic jam."

"If that guy hadn't been rubber necking I wouldn't have been late for work."
by IceWarm January 9, 2006
The reaction of drivers as they pass by an accident scene; to drive aimlessly while looking away from the road at something happening off road.
The accident caused a traffic jammed, which was worsened by all the passers-by and their rubber necks checking it out.
by The Genius February 14, 2004
when all of the sudden traffic gets really heavy and there is no reason for there to be so much traffic until you move up enough to see an accident. all the cars are slowing down and rubber necking to see the car accident which causes another accident and more rubbernecking and so on.
i hate it when people are rubber necking
by BigBlondBurlyBoy August 20, 2005
turning and looking a hot woman walk by when you are with you girlfriend
I went to the mall and went so rubber necking when that chick walked by
by handle August 15, 2003
A person(or group of people) that are genuinely and naturally asshole.
yeah all those stupid rubber necks in Madison get me mad some times
by Dogsandpandas June 5, 2011
When you have a boner but suddenly goes soft
Me and bae were doin' it last night and I rubber necked
by kpnut March 12, 2015