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the band that everyone started to listen to after the movie, Garden State. They are a very good indie band none-the-less.
the shins are a great indie band
by BigBlondBurlyBoy August 11, 2005
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The very best fast food restaurant ever.
I cant wait until tuesdays to rush down to Del Taco for a wonderful Taco-Tuesday
by bigblondburlyboy October 05, 2005
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when all of the sudden traffic gets really heavy and there is no reason for there to be so much traffic until you move up enough to see an accident. all the cars are slowing down and rubber necking to see the car accident which causes another accident and more rubbernecking and so on.
i hate it when people are rubber necking
by BigBlondBurlyBoy August 20, 2005
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A phrase that kids are trying to make popular for the word "cool"
It is not mad beniganz that Katie's friends think mad beniganz should be a popular word
by bigblondburlyboy May 30, 2008
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