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Roza means simply beautiful.
A girl who has beautiful hair,
gorgeous,big eyes n a smile
that could brighten the ocean.

She looks gorgeous even in the
morning or without any makeup on.Everytime you look at her,
she stuns you with her looks
n by the way she looks at you.

She is like a rose, closed in the
beginning but if you give her time n nurture her, she will blossom into a mesmerizing beauty, who u feel
blessed to have by your side.

She is smart n amazing just
the way she is.The girl of your
dreams,she is wanted n appreciated
by everyone.She is all you could wish for.
Guy 1: she is so pretty !!!
Guy 2: yeah that she is..cuz she is
Roza ...guys usually drool over her
but she is not just like any other
pretty girl ...she is different yet
amazing .

Guy 1: yeah, thats cuz she is Roza i guess
Just as beautiful as her name :)
by Mesmerized November 07, 2013
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the act of getting pissed off light beer that you have stolen from your parents.
daniel got fucken rozad on friday night and his parents cut sick!
by reeece October 03, 2006
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A girl or boy who has many close partners and goes out to multiple of them frequently , this is referred to as being a slut
Damn John is such a roza,I wish he changed
by Matthew9921 January 02, 2018
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Roza is the thiccess girl that has the biggest boobs and the biggest ass and she is sexy
Roza is so thicc that everyone in the school will fuck her.
by Dripdriptohard April 30, 2019
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