The kind of child-molesting idiot who could only get elected in Alabama, and only because he's Republican.
Roy Moore somehow still almost won in Alabama. What a sad country we live in.
by Sensible Patriot November 17, 2018
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v. To molest little girls while in a position of authority, especially while making bullshit claims about how your aberrant and horrible behavior is justified by the Bible, or it's fake news, etc. Also see kiddie fiddler.
I beat the shit out of Mark the soccer coach after he Roy Moored my daughter.
by alcifer November 13, 2017
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Two gay men fornicating on a bench, typically in public. Named in honor of homophobic Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, because such an act done in public would cause removal from said bench.
Did you hear? Tony and Jake were arrested last night for Roy Mooreing!
by Rainbow Pancake January 07, 2016
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Republican from Alabama who fucks children but campaigns on a family values platform. He's said to have produced Glenn Beck when he fucked William Barr back in the 80s. Also slang for any STD that you think is gone, but then suddenly is back.
Joe, stop thumping the bible; I know that you slept with your niece last night. You're such a fucking Roy Moore!
by Notdevinnunes November 24, 2019
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