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A wonderful document created by eighteenth-century enlightenment thinkers. Conservative pundits often pretend to know what it is or what it says. One of seven words in the vocabulary of Sean Hannity.
Conservative Sean: You can't pass a bill protecting clean drinking water! It's against The Constitution!
Liberal Joe: How so?
Conservative Sean: It just is! It's socialism!
Liberal Joe: OK, Boomer
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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I term you hopelessly deploy when a liberal (or even an anti-Trump Republican) has you cornered. It's the Hail Mary of debates. Must be said with crazy hand gestures.
I don't believe you that Trump did anything wrong! That's Fake News!
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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Republican from Alabama who fucks children but campaigns on a family values platform. He's said to have produced Glenn Beck when he fucked William Barr back in the 80s. Also slang for any STD that you think is gone, but then suddenly is back.
Joe, stop thumping the bible; I know that you slept with your niece last night. You're such a fucking Roy Moore!
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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An ill-defined group in American politics who are the constant target of Republicans and Democrats, though their definitions differ. In reality, "The elite" is just a group that's smarter than you and better fit to govern.
John: I voted for Trump because I'm sick of The Establishment bro! Down with The elite!
Jake: Better "The elite" than you, you fuck face.
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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A character in the Handmaid's Tale that somehow got out of my TV and is now in the Trump administration.
I'm feeling like sending those women back to the kitchen! I guess I'm a bit of a William Barr.
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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Anything old conservatives claim to hate at this particular moment, from gay sex to clean air, and even literacy.
Schools indoctrinate kids with Socialism! They teach them how to read!
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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Sounds ominous, but it's just a dirty word to describe the professionals who have stopped Trump from destroying the word.
I am so thankful for this "deep state" that's kept Trump from becoming Supreme Leader and setting off nukes in Europe.
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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