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Followers of the harebrained Libertarian/Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Characterized by their incessant spamming of political discussion boards and blind, fervent belief that their candidate is the Savior Of The Republic, Ronulans are reviled by both Republicans and Democrats while simultaneously drawing devotees from the ranks of both.

"Ronulan" is derived from the name Romulan, a fictional alien race popularized in the TV and movie series Star Trek, probably due to the fact that so many of them are invasive in nature and are considered space cadets.
Man, there were 23 Ronulans invading my blog last night. I banned every one of the morons.
by dandi56 March 09, 2008
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Ron Paul freak who has no real grasp of reality. Some one who sits online and spams Ron Paul crap all day.
That ronulan keeps spoamming my myspace groups. I hope it becomes legal to hunt paultards one day.
by OptimusJew May 21, 2008
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Taking creative license from the original Star Trek series, this term is used to describe the followers of Ron Paul's message of liberty and freedom. They are against the insanity of perpetual wars and bank bailouts. They want the politicians out of their wallets and out of their bedrooms. They want their freedom back as described in the constitution. They want to end the corruption of "foreign aid" given to petty dictators in 3rd world countries while our own people suffer. Basically they are the only enlightened, sane people left on this planet
Ronulans have a libertarian leaning
Ronulans are peaceful and do not believe in bombing people they do not even know 6000 miles away because of the lying presstitutes printing the bs in the news today
by V37 March 12, 2012
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Bickering, slightly politically savvy individual who appears on the surface to be conservative or libertarian, but in reality just wants prostitution and pot to be legal. These guys are really good at pointing out the flaws in any candidate that does not want to legalize pot and prostitution and/or does not want to neuter the country's national defense. While a Ronulan sounds really smart on economic matters, they actually don't have any sort of grasp on how dangerous and complex foreign policy really is in modern days.
The Ronulan claimed to be an "independent libertarian" but really just wanted to peel off enough conservatives to insure the democrats took both houses and POTUS.
by anotherscreenname February 12, 2010
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