looney as shit tin-foil hat wearing ron paul supporters who think that destroying pillars of american government such as the tax system, will get rid of the alien ghosts in the radio trying to read their minds.
paultards: ron paul 2012!

guy: dude have you guys even heard ron paul's agenda?

paultards: uhhhh freedom!!!!

guy: facepalm
by bitesized March 5, 2012
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A derrogatory term coined during the 2008 Elections. This was some websites' name for supporters of Ron Paul, a man who had no chance of winning. This term was mostly used for Paul's supporters who spammed other political interest sites with wreckless abandon.
Did you Paultards even remember to vote?
by sevenpsych January 8, 2008
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Yet another amongst the handfuls of insanely rabid supportes of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign for president.

People who feel compelled to relentlessly 'inform' the entire world about how Ron Paul is going to save America from the ravages of DC.
The Paultards are so nutty that they use every opportunity to overwhelm every online poll or discussion as a way to get over their shame of living in their mother's basement.

These nerds overwhelmed the Fox News poll following a Republican debate and got Paul three times the votes as the next candidate - 46% for Paul and 18% for Romney - at the cost of 75c per call. Fox was so embarrassed that they only showed the results for all of four seconds.
by GloriaB October 6, 2007
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an unemployed male who:

endlessly spouts conspiracy theories about the CFR, the NAU, and the NWO, but not STD’s, because they’ve never had sex with another person.

is absolutely not racist, but is against the 1964 Civil Rights Act because it infringes on the right to segregate, but which doesn’t mean the same thing as being racist AT ALL.

is absolutely not racist, but thinks that Ron Paul has no obligation to denounce the support of racist group Stormfront, which can only help the campaign and wouldn’t stigmatize him in the slightest.

is absolutely not racist, but thinks that there’s nothing wrong with Ron Paul posing for a photo with White Supremacist Don Black, because racists are people too, and did I mention that Ron Paul is not a racist?

is a member of the single most reviled group of people on the internet.
eg. These Paultards are actively discouraging anyone from wanting anything to do with Ron Paul.
by LoonyRonPaul January 5, 2008
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A derogatory term used to mock supporters of Ron Paul.

1)Used to kill off rational discussion in hopes that the "Paultard" won't call them on it. This has proven very ineffective against Ron Paul himself.

2)Used as a scapegoat by liberals and neo-conservatives to cleanse themselves of the cognitive dissonance associated with ideologies of emotion not based upon logic.

3)Used by business owners who receive federal funds to curse those who would dare take away their cash cow.

4)Used by residents of the Washington, D.C. area to curse those who would make them take a job in the private sector.
Darn it. Those Paultards are going to make me get a real job.
by BrewmasterC November 30, 2007
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