verb. To get a mob agitated and lead them with promises revolution only to duck out and run.
"I started a riot this weekend, told these people we were going to take city hall, but then I said fuck it and left. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I totally Ron Paul'd those people."
by raunpol June 10, 2012
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A verb describing one shooting something (whether it be a lunchsack, basketball, ECT.) and missing its desired target..
Person 1:"Watch me Ron Paul this mug."
Person 2:"Ok then, lets see it."
Person 1: *shoots and misses while looking like a grummet*
by Ron Paul That Mug May 4, 2012
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Described as when a seemingly weaker opponent, with whom few people seem to agree with, expresses a valid argument which cannot be easily disagreed with.

To be Ron Pauled or to Ron Paul another.

Bearing similarities to Rick Rolled.

I got Ron Pauled hard after I said that we need to keep our fiat money system the way it is.
by world stuff July 12, 2008
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Republican candidate that gon legalize medical marijuana
Boy 1: I'm finna vote for Ron paul
Boy 2: what for Jimmy
Boy 1: He gon get us that pot!
Boy 2: Ron gettin faded!!
by YoUNg MoNeY SwAGg Tre January 5, 2012
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Sitting Texas Congressman and one time Libertarian Party presidential candidate. The only honest man left in Washington.
I bet Ron Paul's speeches on the floor of congress are a real annoyance to all the theiving, lying, murdering, slime-dripping scumbags there.
by epsilon minus January 18, 2004
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Ron Paul, in addition to being a 2008 presidential candidate, is also slang for percocet, usually in the context of recreational use.
Oh shit, I just snorted some Ron Paul and I'm high as fuck!
by gary niger February 26, 2008
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A politician who has the ability to purge washington.
I sure hope that I can inherit the legacy left behind for me by the Ron Paul administration.
by Estehbahn June 1, 2007
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