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A supporter of Ron Paul, typically sporting a wicked case of isolationism, with a heaping helping of racism on the side.
"Based on the lame, scripted comments she left, I could tell she was a Rontard before I even visited her profile page."
by Kafir Alalazoo February 03, 2008
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A term used to describe a supporter of Ron Paul. Rontards are often internet spammers who will post link after link to prisonplanet articles or youtube videos yet, will never quote anything from the mainstream media because they believe it is run by neo-fascists who want to kill us all. Rontards believe that only they support the constitution yet seem to have major issues with rights, such as the 'freedom of the press', when they are used against them. Other words to describe the bulk of Rontards include; Conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, high schoolers, and brain-dead stoners.
Can someone please tell that rontard that youtube is not a primary source?
by robada January 20, 2008
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When someone is doing a job they have no ability or qualifications for but like to tell qualified people how to do their job.
That idiot was telling me how to do my job like a real rontard.
by Pelltier July 12, 2018
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