Something that cam2r on tiktok keeps saying whenever he sees the letter R.
by frostyz May 14, 2022
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A misspelled form of the word "wrong"
I told you that's wrong! R-O-N-G, rong!
by Anavel Gato December 24, 2010
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Wrong but spelt wrong. Once you think about it you can never not think about it.
Dude, that’s so rong.
by Isdustbinn May 2, 2020
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An incorectly spelt wodr
Yuo are so very rong
by TeeJay January 19, 2005
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When you're relaxing at home, stretching, yawning and fidgeting or just chillaxin
Can we just ronge all day?

Stop ya ronging!
by KatyKat93 December 19, 2010
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