8 definitions by TeeJay

A person who firmly believes he or she is better than other people. This assumption is based upon positive prejudice and taken up from people believed to be hip. Minor aspects are exaggerated (i.e. I can switch it on with my keyboard), whilst others are disregarded (i.e. I don't need more than one mouse key)
You're such an Apple User. Don't you ever form your own opinion?
Don't be an Apple User. It can be done just as well for less money.
Listen, Apple User, why don't you go home to mummy and have a hot bath?
by TeeJay January 19, 2005
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A clichee word meaning: not yesterday, not tomorrow. See also tonite
See you 2nite, honeypuffy.
by TeeJay January 19, 2005
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An incorectly spelt wodr
Yuo are so very rong
by TeeJay January 19, 2005
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Someone who is without sleep for several days due to shabu and also extremely horny and out of his mind. In short, your basic drug addict
Mike has been taking meth since last week, he is now a powzasaur!
by TeeJay April 07, 2005
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JA RULE is a dick bunny a batty man who always says he cares but is always da one making trouble
by TeeJay January 13, 2004
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When one is having sex with a pregnant woman, and the fetus gives you head.
While tagging the 6th month old woman, the man said, "Wow thats one great sweedish meatball."
by TeeJay July 17, 2004
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