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The name for dedicated fans of Ronan Parke.

A Ronanator is a person that is dedicated to the success of Ronan Parke and will support him no matter what. It's a person that will stick up for him when people are putting him down, whether its directly or indirectly. It's also a person that truly gets excited at any Ronan news that comes out, if its in a form of simply a tweet or a new song. And this bit is for me personally but, its also a person that wouldnt slander his name by releasing info that might be hurtful even if its about Ronan. It's just someone that will build him up no matter what and would never go at him in a negative manner like ever. Also blogging or tweeting and fanpaging about him contributes to it as well of course! Always joining in on conversations and polls and competitions to win Ronan stuff makes a Ronanator. Just being apart of his career and his life in a positive manner is what its all about. Putting him above the rest is also KEY ;)
She loves Ronan Parke. She's a really big Ronanator!
by ashtonparkex September 10, 2011
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