The name for dedicated fans of Ronan Parke.

A Ronanator is a person that is dedicated to the success of Ronan Parke and will support him no matter what. It's a person that will stick up for him when people are putting him down, whether its directly or indirectly. It's also a person that truly gets excited at any Ronan news that comes out, if its in a form of simply a tweet or a new song. And this bit is for me personally but, its also a person that wouldnt slander his name by releasing info that might be hurtful even if its about Ronan. It's just someone that will build him up no matter what and would never go at him in a negative manner like ever. Also blogging or tweeting and fanpaging about him contributes to it as well of course! Always joining in on conversations and polls and competitions to win Ronan stuff makes a Ronanator. Just being apart of his career and his life in a positive manner is what its all about. Putting him above the rest is also KEY ;)
She loves Ronan Parke. She's a really big Ronanator!
by ashtonparkex September 10, 2011
cool customer never panics cool under presssure
by Jimmy neutron December 2, 2003
Lethal lookin he used to go to my school left in 6th year
by wild st ciarans girl December 2, 2003
Ronan is very cool and loves to have fun. He is a good kisser. He loves sports. He is an amazing friend to have and an even better boyfriend. He is all faithful. If you disrespect him or are mean to him he'll ignore you.
Ronan is cool and awesome.
by Poopypants1233210987 September 19, 2017
I really good looking guy who has dreamy eyes and gets all the girls he wants
Wow is that Ronan damn he is handsome
by Ronan Corley March 19, 2017
Typically a tall strong handsome male with a muscular body, high cheekbones and sharp jawline. They are usually godlike at gaming with there amazing game sense and accurate aim. Known for looking almost perfectly similar to 'Peaky Blinders' main character Thomas Shelby. In conclusion, a Ronan, in general, is an amazing person, once you meet one you would never forget them.
person1'Why is this person so good at dark souls?'
Person2'Clearly an alpha male, definitely Ronan'
by RussianIdiot101 March 28, 2019
Someone you can look up to. He's a soft sensitive person and he'll push you back harder if he feels attacked, but he's the nicest person you'll ever meet. He'll always look out for you no matter when or what. He'd let his favorite shirt get soggy just so you can cry on him. He's like a fresh breath of air after being sick. He's an amazing person with an even more amazing smile. He's a smart bright boy and thinks he's always right, but he's always ready to admit when he's wrong. Ronan should know that's he loved, that people appreciate him more than he knows.He's is a lit person and he can be fun person to be around at times, but he likes to focus on working on hard to be the person he is and wants to be. You'll never be able to get away from him or ditch him, he's irreplaceable. If you can no longer give Ronan the love you have for him physically or mentally, give it to someone else. Ronan just wants you to be happy, that's the type of lover he is
Ronan is such a sweetheart, he gave me some of his lunch because I forgot mines
by MagentaPixieStixs November 13, 2022