Drug addict with gambling problems and walks around with piss bag like a dog likes restarted young Prostitutes steals wife cigarettes and just gets faded in his room
by Legs KSU’s day May 08, 2019
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(v) To play the computer game Rise of Nations (abbreviated to RoN) over a network with friends. Similar to "nam", which means the same thing, except with Battlefield Vietnam.
Hey Dan, wanna ron?
Anyone feel like ronning?
Me and the guys ronned, and then I nammed for half an hour before going to bed.
by supaDISC June 06, 2004
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Im not sure of the answer to your question. Might better ask Ron, he knows everything
by Sm13142216562 April 20, 2016
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Ron is the most handsome person you'll ever see but he's inner self is what makes him handsome. He is always cheerful make a lot of joke even on the slightest thing. you'll never be able to find someone like ron
Ron is so cool I wonder if he's approachable
by fronersasasa June 07, 2021
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