The act of running, but when heart rate goes to a specific number (user defined), running stops, and walking begins, until heart rate drops to desired level, where person begins running again until when and if maximum heart rate is pierced.

When same person does this activity more than once in a day, it is called moreronning.
Hey, I went ronning with the boys this morning. We mostly ran, and only walked twice.
by Ron R. (PD) October 7, 2020
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1)to jump in and take over a task that someone else is doing, without being asked.
2)to ineptly procreate with your wife, leaving her totally unsatisfied.
"quit ronning me, go find your own job"
"hey honey, in this position we can both watch the game"
by RonJ March 14, 2008
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When you are nearing completion while getting a blow-job and you pull out and empty your ejaculate (like a glazed donut) all over her dome-piece. You then immediatly throw a fist full of glitter in her face. Thus creating a glazed sprinkled donut for your visual entertainment.
Guy #1: Yo man how did it go with that chick last night?
Guy #2: I pulled "The Ron-Ron" on that chick.
Guy #1: What?
Guy #2: Yea, I glazed that bitch like a donut.
Guy #1: Word!
by Street Pirates April 9, 2012
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Short for 'later on' as in saving something for another time in the future.
She had not finished eating her chocloate cake when he tried to tuck in. She screamed at him "No! That's mine, i'm keeping it for ron". So he left it on the plate and raided the fridge instead.
by February 14, 2017
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Strong, Protector, Lover, Fighter, Warrior. Stay on thier good side! If your a man he can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If your a woman, wrap your arms and legs around him and hold on tight! If he is ambivilent towards you, embrace the fact that you are probably a loser
Damn dude he's a Ron
by BigPimpinDaddy February 3, 2010
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Some who falls through a Ceiling like a Dumbass
Hey Ron...Hey Billy...that hurt.
by Jerald Mcnerald March 5, 2017
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A living meme folder from Bob's Onslaught from Friday Night Funkin' that is really cool (in a cool way) and hates wemen (cool guys hate wemen).

Unfortunately for him, he was killed by Bob (in a cool way). Or was that fortunate (in a cool way).Since he is seen again after his death, one can only conclude he was too cool to stay dead (in a cool way).

Apparently his official B-Side version is non-binary, yet still hates wemen (in a cool way). Except he totes copied Kapi, so B-Side Ron actually sucks and is uncool (in a cool way).
Ron (in a cool way) is (in a cool way) the (in a cool way) best (in a cool way) FNF (in a funkin' way) character (in a cool way). (in a cool way)
by EpicScientician September 19, 2021
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