Roite is another word for right just cooler also used among the Walmart workers
Person 1 “Hey Alex imma move this pallet
Person 2 “Roite”
Person 1 “Roite”
Ain’t that Roite you love eating pussy
by Mike hunt dowingington December 2, 2021
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A slang term for masturbation and ejaculation almost always involving porn.
I'm going to go home, watch a movie, eat some food, then roit.
by Wapatolakesquad July 18, 2017
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The way irish people say the word right.
''which way do we go? left or roit?''
by choiz#1 October 10, 2006
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An amazing Modern Warfare 3 Clan that originated when someone spelt the word "RIOT" wrong. And ROIT was born.
Noob 1: Is that...ROIT?
Noob 2: OH CRAP! RUN!
by ayeconnell April 28, 2012
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1.Similar to 'right,' but better; Correctful

2. Sarcastic manner in which to pretend to agree, but, in fact, strongly disagree

2."Dude I had sex with my teacher!"
by Ram-Dawg June 24, 2004
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roite or riiight or rite

variations of the term right in order to affirm someone's comment. in it's varied form roite or rite, it becomes merely a spelling which reflects the way it is said..its inflection.

however, 'riiight', is a sarcastic affirmation as in:
me: i totally hit that ass last night.
you: riiiight, sure you did.
me: no i did..and i'll kick your ass for saying otherwise.
you: riiight...
by tatortot December 19, 2004
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The sentence most commonly uttered by knackers. Translated, it probably means something like: "I am going to fucking punch and kick you repeatedly, and if you try to resist, I'll stab you with my screwdriver, then steal your clothes and sell them in Clara Market, is that okay?" Usually results in the knacker in question getting beat, then running off into the distance shouting "I get me brudder after ya". In many cases, the "brudder" (brother) is also the "fadder" (father).
Knacker (to Passer-By): Howya boss, gizza fiver for me fuckin' Christmas tree, will ya?"
Passer-By: Eh, that's a thorn bush, it's got a trolly stuck in it, and it's the middle of June.
Knacker: You fuckin' shlaggin' my fuckin' Christmas tree, are ya? I fuckin' bate ya, roit?
by Me McMe September 23, 2005
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