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Slang Used In Ireland/Dublin.
To find someone sexually attractive
Generally You Would "Ride Them"
Shes a little Roide
by .:Anon:. June 20, 2007
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the irish slang for a sexual act. usually spoken in broad north dublin accent by drunken bums such as characters in books by Roddy Doyle
would it be a roide you're after?
by An Irish Gentleman November 01, 2006
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What one would say, when commenting on the attractiveness of another. It would usually be used to describe bebo stunnahs etc, but is commonly used as a way to mockingly describe ugly people also, and close friends.

It can sometimes be confused with "roide" For example "Shes a roide". One must remember they are very different.
Hey, shes gawjuss such a roides
by meeeeelopsjd June 18, 2011
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