Guy with a really really small penis. Brandon Robertson and Matt Carona have the largest cocks in the world
by bigrod92 February 05, 2010
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A braindead faggpt
is that rodney. of course it is have u seen anyone that braindead
by The real oracle 666 November 05, 2018
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anyone who is constantly dipping in your business asking dumb questions
hey buddy what's up. come on man adults are talking over here quit being such a rodney
by chefjdawg February 02, 2008
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looks like a manatee. is a dick. butthole sniffer. fucks his cousin. has a little dick. doesn’t shower. drives s tractor around everywhere.
by aisha’s April 26, 2019
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Things floating in or on water (eg. recently dead plant matter, styrofoam cup)and the repulsiveness therof. Since it refers to things aqueous, and hydroponic plants are aqueous, and lots of high grade marijuana is hydroponic, rodney can commonly refer to good reefer.
Make sure you don't swim through the rodney, Judy! Hey Reggie, you want to hang out with our friend rowdy Rodney?
by Mr. Jimmy November 14, 2007
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