A person who is, at most times, by themself.
The word Rodnied can also be used to describe a person who is on on their own.
"Look at this cool kid! He's a bit of a Rodney."

"Look at that rat. He's all rodnied."
by EeeeeeeeeemazingMatttherat December 08, 2013
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1)An erection
2) A man who acts like a BIG DICK 90% of the time! Also known as a Rod.
Is he being paid to be Rodney or is it a hobby?!! What a Rod!
by Angel Q June 11, 2013
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The act of taking a shit in somebody's mouth, and duct taping it shut so they can't spit it out. Then you tickle your victim until they can no longer take it, and your poop flies out of their nose. However, it is recommended that you take off the duct tape when you're finished so he or she doesn't suffocate.
Damn, he pulled a rodney on her while she wasn't paying attention.
by adventureisland3212 November 21, 2012
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So Rodney is a mumma's boy, also likes to put on a tough guy act but he's actually real sweet. He treats every girl like a princess (so don't feel too special). He forgets everything, easy to talk to but kinda a douchebag at first.
Can replace the word trash. For example "I'm taking out the Rodney" or the "I've taken Rodney out"
by therightalwaysright June 17, 2017
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v. To guzzle both cum and feces simultaneously.

n. Someone who performs this act.
After having his boss shit in his mouth, he waited for him to cum in it too before swallowing to be a true rodney.
by Smut Mufin April 05, 2011
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A middle-aged pedophile who lives in his mother's basement while watching Miley Cyrus videos.
That dude is such a fucking rodney, hes a fucking disgrace, one should tie him to the floor and allow the death rabbits to eat him.
by Obregon December 06, 2008
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