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When smoking weed in a bowl, the assy part of the bowl when there is nothing really left but ash. This means the bowl is beat. Rodney King was beat hence the similarities.
That last hit tasted like ass, that bowl is definetly Rodneyed.

That bowl is beat man. No dude, that bowl is Rodneyed!!!
by Broass June 09, 2006
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To be rodneyed is to be in the state of lethargy and intense laziness following the initial high resulting from smoking large amounts of Marijuana. Characterized by the inability to get of the couch and finding it hard to even move around on the couch to get more comfortable.

Origin: Some friends discovered a mouse in their university dorm room, this mouse was named rodney. Being students it only seemed right to conduct an experiment on the effects of marijuana on a rodent. Prior to exposure the mouse ran around and showed alot of activity. Post marijuana smoke gas chamber it would cling to a sock and not move for several hours, even if the sock were turned upside down and shaken. Then one day rodney was allowed out of his bucket sober and proceded to run directly of the fire escape and fell 5 stories to his death.

It is in his honor that the term rodney was coined to fill a void in smoking vocab.
"Dude, you've sat on that couch and watched the discovery channel for 3 hours, your so rodneyed."

"Man, can you get the remote? I know it's only 2 feet away but I like really cant get it, i'm too rodneyed."

"I was supposed to go to class, but I was so rodneyed, I just passed out face first on the carpet."

by sjb503 September 29, 2005
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