This is a phrase used to refer to someone who causes problems. This is said to people who are trouble makers, people who are always stirring up trouble. The phrase comes from the way a baby cries when their cradle is rocked, hence the term.
Hey man, you better not go into that door, or else you're gonna rock the cradle.
by Prazzo July 26, 2009
when you have a relationship with someone who is very young
Jack: Yo, How old is Rebecca?
Joe: She is 14, why?
Jack: aw dude that aint right, your rocking the cradle
by poprocks June 1, 2007
yo-yo trick. also, the act of rocking a cradle.
Yo, that guy is doing a "rocking the cradle"

He's rocking the cradle to get the baby to sleep
by Stew Pidasso February 17, 2004
where two males, do doggy style in the bed, while shaking the bed violently.
Austin, i heard u were rocking the cradle with ur dad last night
by jake August 7, 2004
To be attracted to people who are underage
"Yo i heard r Kelly married Aliyah when she was just 15 and he was 27."

"Yea everyone knows he likes to rock the cradle."
by Little Debo December 1, 2019