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This is a phrase used to refer to someone who causes problems. This is said to people who are trouble makers, people who are always stirring up trouble. The phrase comes from the way a baby cries when their cradle is rocked, hence the term.
Hey man, you better not go into that door, or else you're gonna rock the cradle.
by Prazzo July 26, 2009
N. where a man ejaculates too fast, usually unsatisfying his partner, and ruining their sex life as they know it.
Girl: Aww man, he is so cute and has huge arms, but he still had a shortgasm.
by Prazzo July 21, 2009
Down N' Out is an equivalent to a One night stand in which you have sexual intercourse with someone only for one time, and never talk to that partner ever again. Some synonyms are quickie, hook-up, hit it and quit it, and one nighter.
You: Oh no, there she is..
Friend: Who?
You: The girl i banged.
Friend: Why don't you say hi?
You: Man I can't, i went Down N' Out with that.
by Prazzo July 16, 2009
N. This term describes the one high school clique in which all of it's associates are physically attractive. They are usually known to be snobby, and will not talk to anyone besides themselves. They will usually grow up to be unsuccessful.
We can't hang out with them, they're the Hot Lot.
by Prazzo July 22, 2009
Slang for an abnormally long penis, usually over 8 inches in its flaccid state, over 12 inches in its erect state.
Girl, yesterday this fool showed me his pet iguana in the bathroom!!
by Prazzo July 17, 2009
When one is scrolling through the television channels, but there are no shows playing which interests the viewer in any way, hence the term "Nothing On".
by Prazzo July 23, 2009