A great girl who usally plays the sax. She eats peanut butter sandwiches, and is a loyal friend. Boys fall for her, but she always makes her decions only after concidering others feelings. She loves bat man, a show about a boy and his talking dog, andfat birdies
Guy 1; Dude I think im in love with a rochelle!
Guy 2; she must play sax next to you
by girlwithflute May 13, 2013
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rochelle is a rochelle a very tall crazy girl but crazy in a good way she kinda knows how to dress and her brothers are really tall like superrrrr tall she has three bro's and she has some sort of common sense
me- i am so lucky to have rochelle as my friend lol.

rochelle- yeh you are
by yuh yeet May 15, 2019
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Rochelle is a alway the tag along she never fits in and is not really loved. she takes advantage of people and friendships. she can never make decisions on her own she always need peoples approval everything she does is to impress people but not for her own happiness. she is not trust worthy as soon as she gains your trust she will be delighted to brake it. Likes having things in common such as who you like, as she will be delighted to steal him from you and pretend he is in love with her even though he hates her.
person 1: hey ronald asked me out yesterday don't tell anyone

rochelle: its safe with me

day later
Rochelle: i also like ronald and i told him that you didn't want to tell anybody so he's upset and doesn't want to go out with you.. Lol i guess he's all mine
by anonymousmessenger March 24, 2015
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The name of that girl who lacks actual emotion from the Left 4 Dead franchise, who was added in the second game, Left 4 Dead 2.
Pleasure to meet you Rochelle.
by BillyMcSaggyTits July 19, 2017
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guy: "holy shiaaat, she phat"
another guy:"hey thats my gurrlll! you n****"
guy: "what rochelle, *fainting*"
by yuh yeet March 13, 2019
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