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She is funny, kind, and very generous! She will get stuck in the intersection while driving and the snow! She likes food and make up but not at the same time, and will always be there to help you! Keep your mishelle their great! Okay that's it bye!
"Look mishelle got stuck"
"Oh, no! Not again"
by Pancrasia February 07, 2017

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A Rochelle is a very nice, smart girl that says "nah uh" a little too much, but it's okay. She is always there when you need her and will ask you if the seat is taken. She is a Starbucks girl and does not have time for people that will waste her time.
her: is this seat taken.

her #2: no, you must be a Rochelle.

her: yes, I am.
by Pancrasia August 26, 2017

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