Biggest dick in all the 7 continents. He is a wholesome, nice guy who will genuinely go out of his way to fuck your bitch.
Oh he took your girl? You've been robsoned
by GargantuanSlayer22 August 23, 2020
To expect meritocracy and still be disappointed all while being baffled at the same time. Can be used as a verb to describe a scenario where Murphy's mentally disabled cousin comes into play.
The man came out to fix my refrigerator and added a new agitator to it. I think I've been Robsoned.
by tio manfredo February 10, 2018
a loud mouth yob who reguarly gets pissed.
getting carried home after a hard nights out up dame marg's.
by MC_TRIPPY_C May 11, 2005
Hugh Robson

The home of binners, winners and sinners, Hugh Robson building shares both the charm of Hugh Grant and the never say die spirit and set piece prowess of Barry Robson.

Oft' referred to as 'The Basement', 'The Bunker', 'The Lair', and 'The Honey Badger Trap' it is a place where everything and nothing meet to spectacular effect like a massive can of Suso with computers and seats.

Not only this, but any tranny Cumslut worth her salt knows old Hugh Robbo is the place to go if they want their daily cum dose from a fine band of esteemed cocksmen.
Jake: I've procured a crate of 500 Tropical VKs
Mikey: To Hugh Robson!

Karen Cumslut: Hey I want to smoke at least 10 dongs by the end of the night, where should i go?
Informed passer-by: Hugh Robson!
by informed passer-by December 10, 2009
A: Did you hear about that dude named Wade Robson?

B: Nah Fam, his name sounds ugly
by Prichael uwu March 13, 2019
A cum-soaked sock (often mutiple use) that has been forgotten and left to ferment
My left shoe feels funny . . . Fuck, I'm wearing a Salty Robson.
by turtle_pornography April 22, 2016