This phrase is often used when disagreeing with someone. For example, if someone calls you something, you can use this phrase to say, "Nah fam"! Some may think fam is used as a shorter term of "family," but this is not the case. You use this when referring to someone you are close to or are your so called, "homedogs."
Lydia: "Danny, you are truly, the most amazing person I have ever met!"

Danny: "Nah fam, that's you! You've always been the amazing one to me!"
by @TheRoseBowler May 1, 2017
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a chill way of saying no dude, fuckboys who think they're cool say this
do you think Jenny's hot? "nah fam"
by stargirl2000000 December 13, 2014
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When a family member wants you to do something but you don’t want to
Brother: Wanna fap with me
Sister: Nah fam
by Guyp3rson October 18, 2021
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no thanks
no thanks family
nah fam -rosa parks dec 1 1955
by Stoinky doinky January 12, 2017
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Used to indicate something like a faux pas is okay and acceptable, since you and the person you're speaking to are just like family.
Someone knocks on your back dor instead of the front door the apologizes. You: "Nah fam".
by Robin Siegner July 17, 2017
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Nah fam
Dan: hey Stevan can you pass me the ketchup

Stevan: nah fam
by Lana7572 March 18, 2022
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