Rushed trash games on the online kids platform Roblox. These games are cancerous and just want your money. This is in the top five things not to spend your money on. Say someone made a simulator, what could they call it? Lets say they call it "fire simulator" you can literally take any word and make it into a simulator. Lets say in fire simulator you light fires or something, and you are supposed to light more fires to level up, and theres always a bag of some sort you have to buy with the in -game currency. And theirs the shop, things get harder and harder to get so the player wants to level up faster, so whats the solution, the robux shop. And here is overpriced trash game passes that the money hungry developers want. Theres always like 15 game passes on every simulator. The icons look like they are having so much fun, in reality, and come in and see lifeless and soulless people spamming for hours in their home not getting job, but instead playing rob lox simulators and wasting their life sayings on them. The roblox simulators are pay to win, they have robux pets at like 500 robux or something, like 6 dollars for an online virtual pet. But you still see people begging for money to get an virtual pet that gives you boosts in a fire simulator. The developers make a discord server and have a ton of fans celebrating their success on a simulator. The devs are happy that they made a pay to win game. To make a definition short : trash games that want your money.
Person 1: hey what are you playing today?
Person 2: Oh im just spending 3000 robux on an virtual pet in roblox.
Person 1: Don't spend all your money on roblox simulators
by joey65890 October 22, 2020
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..Literal trash. Roblox simulators are so called "Games" that commonly serve the same purpose: to make money.

Roblox simulators often follow the same premise as of game function: You start off with an object, let's say, a box. You need to open the box. When you do, you earn money so you can open more boxes faster and with higher payouts. That is literally all you do, with a little technology sprinkled in.

There's a simulator for everything. Examples are Saber Simulator, Bee Swarm Simulator, and Ice Cream Simulator. If you can name it, there's a simulator. Sometimes, a simulator actually SIMULATES something, or actually puts in a really cool feature to spice it up. This rarely ever happens however, so it's unfortunate how abundant these have grown.

Simulators, overall, are just bad games that make Roblox a bad platform. There are games like Battleboards, Super Bomb Survival, or even Plates of Fate. Ever since 2018/2019, Roblox has become a husk of it's old self as bad games plague the platform, and simulators are very much to blame.
Player One: "Hey, what's your favorite kind of Roblox Simulator?"

Player Two: "I don't play Roblox Simulators."
by DangDarkrai May 26, 2020
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A game in Roblox where you can tame bees and defeat mobs. You start off with a Basic Bee Egg, and no bees. You have to hatch the Egg. Just drag the Egg to your Hive! You can also receive and complete quests to get a reward from a questgiver. There are 6 types of bee rarities: Common (only Basic Bee), Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Event Bees! Higher rarity usually means that they have more attack damage (in this case, Baby Bee in the Legendary rarity doesn't attack mobs, so if your first bee is a Baby Bee, you won't be able to defeat any mobs), more energy (Exhausted Bee and Photon Bee in the Epic and Event rarity, has unlimited energy), and more speed when converting pollen to honey! Honey is the main currency in BSS, and it can buy many things. So, let's talk about mobs. Mobs can kill you (don't worry, you won't lose all your stuff), and your bees can kill them! Killing large amounts of mobs are required to complete Panda Bear's quests. Some has 10 HP, some has over a million! So, more bees are required to defeat the most strongest mobs. You can also use some of your items in your inventory. There are also codes. You can redeem codes in the Settings Page. Some valid codes as of August 3rd are: Mocito100T, Wax, Wink, 38217, Connoisseur , Cog, Roof, Bopmaster, BeesBuzz123 and more!
Gary: Dude, how did you know this game? This game in ROBLOX?
Pony: Yeah, I know ROBLOX Bee Swarm Simulator is so fun. That's why I recommended it to you.
Gary: Again, thank you.
by Lol Memes ;) August 03, 2020
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A game in Roblox where you have to mine blocks and ores, sell them, buy new tools, buy crates, buy eggs, use codes, rebirth, and get rebirth tokens! The point is to discover a secret hidden within the ground; a quest giver! He is in the Mainland, just under the ground! It gives you a safe at the lobby after you complete its one quest. You have to type in your profile ID to get the Shiny Galacticorn, a Galacticorn or a Royal Top Hat. It depends what is your rank of getting it. Anyways, some codes are Isaac, Español, Rebirth, FutureMSOwner, Trails, and more!
Polly: So, have you mined Rainbowite before, Jennifer?
Jennifer: No, what is that?
Polly: It is an ore in ROBLOX Mining Simulator! The rarest ore! Ugh!!!
by Lol Memes ;) August 03, 2020
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A simulator in Roblox where you have to throw Paper Balls or Paper Products to gain money (what's up with that?). When you throw a paper ball, it goes into your backpack (again, what's up with that?), and you can sell it for money (what's up with that!? Is the buyer of these paper balls in your backpack a murderer which wants you to weaken the victims to kill them, like Moriarty who sponsored the cabby in A Study in Pink (Sherlock Holmes), but the cabby was actually killing the victims, not Moriarty.) You can buy bigger backpacks from the "Buy" section. You can also buy new Paper Aproducts to "weaken"the walls (you can buy a new area once you reach enough money). There are also codes, but I won't talk about them.
ROBLOX Paper Ball Simulator: New update! 1. New boss! You can throw paper balls at it to kill it!
Me: Yet again, I don't want to kill anyone.
by Lol Memes ;) August 03, 2020
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regular player: plays the game for free for 5 hours and gets to lvl 5

rich man: spends 5000 robux and gets to lvl 99999 on roblox simulators
by joey65890 July 28, 2021
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A popular game with over half a billion visits. The point is to defeat waves of zombies by placing troops or towers to defend the exit. There are 4 gamemodes: Beginners', Molten, Golden, and Fallen. Fallen mode will be required to beat Hidden Wave, which will be activated if a player completes all the 40 waves in less than 1009 seconds, or 16 minutes 49 seconds. You can get the Cowboy skin in Badlands if you beat it in Molten, Golden or Fallen mode, though Fallen has a chance to activate the Hidden Wave, so it is not recommended. You can also use certain codes to get certain troops or certain skins. You get daily rewards if you log in every day. In Day 7 you get a Premium Skincrate. This is a fun game in ROBLOX, so go check it out!
Janet: Played ROBLOX Tower Defense Simulator before?
Dustin: Yeah! It's super cool!
Janet: Hey, then, do you have the Outlaw?
Dustin: Nah, but I have the Cowboy.
by Lol Memes ;) August 02, 2020
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