A sexual act wherein an individual inserts (or attempts to insert) his/her head into the vaginal cavity of his/her partner.
I looked up rebirth on Yahoo clubs and man, there are some strange people out there.
by Jeff July 24, 2003
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a non existant band cooked up by ramzi ghazaleh/ramzi and jeff zhao
Jeff Zhao: "Rebirth ain't goin nowhere"
by JZ Theory June 26, 2003
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Starts out with 2 fingers in the vigina then you put your fist in then your arm then your foot and then your head make sure to pack food for the winter. You will be hibernating for a long while.
The guy likes to rebirthing in the girl.
by bunnera May 12, 2015
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According to the Buddha, the present life is not the first nor will it be the last. The life process contiues so long as the craving for existence prevails in the mind, and this craving in turn, accumulates good and bad karmic forces. Therefore, as long as these conditioning forces and the craving for existence remain, rebirth will continue to occur.

Our existence does not begin with this human life nor does it end with an eternal life in heaven or hell. Our lives have been evolving over countless existences according to the quality of our accumulated karma. This process will continue until a person someday realisess the cause of his existence, and through realisation he works towards bringing this process to a complete and irrevocable end. That attainment is the final goal called nirvana.

As defined by Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda, in "The Buddhist Way"
John is attached to his material possessions, which he fails to see are as trivial as his meandering existence. His blind journey down the pathway of life shall only add perpetual revolutions to the contiuity of his life. Perhaps in rebirth, he shall uplift the blindfolds of his surroundings and see the true path down which to traverse. His cycle will be broken and he shall attain the ultimate goal of nirvana.
by Ian G. King July 30, 2006
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First you start out with two fingers in the vigina the fist then the arm then foot the leg the head then body. Make sure youbpack plenty of food and water you will be hibernating .
He was rebirthing in her
by bunnera May 13, 2015
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An advanced stage of drunkenness in which the drinker has apparently become sober again without having ceased to drink. Usually occurs at the break of dawn.
He's coherent and seemingly lucid now, but prior to rebirth, he was talking complete gibberish and doing faceplants in the driveway.
by SLampy January 7, 2006
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