Something that people private texting say. S3x is just a loophole for sex. Sometimes in video games, people use it to avoid profanity.
Hey babe, wanna have s3x?
by rejoyce March 27, 2019
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Something great, or awesome.
Trying to state the greatness of someone/thing.
I am the s3x.
Porche is the s3x.
by Dagreat1 September 22, 2003
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Somethings retards and prepubescent kids use on roblox
"S3XY" "biancas s3xy and FAWKING best place EVA!!" "S3XY B00B5 SEE!!!!!"
by Mrmbag0703 November 11, 2016
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0gm s3xj004ll int3rc0urs3
d0 j00 w4nn4 h4b3 34r s3x?!?!?
by tehpwnzor November 22, 2004
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Stop Hurting or touching where ever YOU want without them saying yes.

Educate your sons to do good things like ASKING not going into it like they said yes without you asking.
*touches women* women: STOP men: *touches again* women: I’m not comfortable... girls are not S3X toys
by March 27, 2021
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