A running bird that animals chase but will probably never catch because it's SO DANG FAST.
by TheWiggidy April 10, 2004
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In science and engineering when a system failure (preferably of a large experimental system due to simple design or operator error) is so spectacular that it is reminiscent of the Acme Corporation product failures from the Road Runner cartoon series.
So then this fifty million dollar rocket went totally Roadrunner and slammed into the desert in a thousand mile an hour fireball, all because he forgot to convert to metric.
by Zebidee55 October 5, 2009
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An internet service plan provided by Brighthouse that is about the same speed as dial-up, only with even worse customer support and service. They are also very selfish with IPs and never deliver what they promise. I've had the same IP for years at a time, not even changing if I leave the router and modem unplugged for a week. One time I moved and it had still not changed! And when you do get a new IP your old one goes to a different user, which can lead to a framing or an innocent user being DDoSed or hacked. In otherwords roadrunner is a TERRIBLE ISP with TERRIBLE speeds and TERRIBLE service and cost way too much, even the cable is slow and laggy!
Please people, be smart. Use Comcast or Verizion
I can barely load google.. I can't tell if I'm connected to dial-up or Roadrunner!
by Aixona November 17, 2011
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Time Warner Cable's internet service. Beats the crap out of dial up and DSL anyday.
Roadrunner kicks lots of ass.
by 1069 November 27, 2005
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An affordable yet powerful muscle car produced by Plymouth from 1968 through 1974. Engine options included the 383 Mag, Six-Pack, and Hemi 426, while tranyy options included the 727 3spd auto and 4spd Hurst manual. One of the fastest muscle cars.
Jim's '69 Roadrunner 440 can easily outrun any ricer. Oh look, there he just won a race against a twin-turbo Honda.
by Mopar_Rules_Imports_Suck June 10, 2005
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The sexual act of recieving a blow job while driving and then slamming the womans head into the horn twice and yelling out the window, "thats all folks."
Once she finished I grabbed her hair and slammed her into the steering wheel twice to pull a roadrunner. I forgot I was driving a semi with a air horn.
by Sir Mixnotsomuch February 22, 2004
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