An alcoholic beverage (usually beer or perhaps malt liquor) consumed inside a moving vehicle. This beverage can be consumed by passenger, driver, or both. Road sodas are illegal in most states due to open container laws. Still, they are widely enjoyed as evidenced by all the beer cans littering rural raodsides.
Let's grab a six pack before we leave, there's nowhere to stop on the way and it's a boring trip without any road sodas.
by Paco January 11, 2006
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When you’re about to leave the house in a vehicle, probably with friends, and an alcoholic beverage is made, “to go” to drink in the car.
Hey man, is it cool if I bring a road soda? Friends, “ hell yeah dude, already made you one. Let’s bounce.
by Msjames44 October 24, 2019
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A carbonated, malt beverage used as an elixir to help pass the time on long car journeys. Beer imbibed while travelling in an automobile.
Dude, we should stop before we get to the highway to pick up some road sodas for the trip to Ickey's.
by rugby fan October 3, 2003
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An alcoholic beverage taken along for the ride, usually poured into a discreetly looking cup
by RickerMan July 25, 2005
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any beer over the size of 22 oz. you drink while driving
wanna stop and get some road soda for the long drive home?
by mooseknuckles November 13, 2002
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a mixed alcoholic beverage (i.e. rum & coke, soco & lime) contained in a water bottle or nalgene, usually taken to drink on the way to and during class.

Origin: Loyola College, Ninth Floor Campion 2005
Jesse: Yo man, what do you have in that nalgene there?? It smells like alcohol.

Conor: Yea man, thats because its a ROAD SODA!
by Jesse Hutchison December 7, 2005
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Also know as beer. Road sodas work really well while driving.
Hey Stumpy Pants hand me one of those cold ass road sodas while i make a jew turn.
by Andrew Stump August 30, 2005
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