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A carbonated, malt beverage used as an elixir to help pass the time on long car journeys. Beer imbibed while travelling in an automobile.
Dude, we should stop before we get to the highway to pick up some road sodas for the trip to Ickey's.
by rugby fan October 03, 2003

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The payoffs are an end-of-season cup competition which are supposed to decide the Champion of English rugby.

The pay in the payoffs comes from the huge number of prawn sandwiches sold at the final in Twickenham to city types who couldn't tell a prop from a switch.

Unfortunately this means that the league is really a waste of time, since you must finish in the top third to qualify for the payoffs.

Payoffs are
Wasps won the payoffs last year again. But Leicester who only won the league by a country mile are the real champions.

The payoffs are the worst thing about English rugby and embody the stench of professionalism.
by rugby fan November 20, 2005

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