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Riverwood is a small town located in Sydney, Australia that is full of Bogans, junkies, Lebanese, Asians and drugs like ice and heroin.

Riverwood has a couple of notable locations in its small area such as the Plaza, Dominos, train station, Lebanese barber shops, gyms and Asian restaurants and cuisines. It also has a KFC that had burned down recently and a really dodgy skatepark.

Riverwood is typically invaded by schooling students because of the local schools and the very accessible train station. The students often walk around in enormous packs trying to be lads and staunch people. Most of them fake a heavy Middle-Eastern accent.

Riverwood is usually refereed to Rivo to locals.
Hey! Wanna go down to Rivo this afternoon and grab some Dominos?

Yeah nah mate, Riverwood is where you get stabbed by junkies with rusty needles!
by NegroLuver June 01, 2018
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