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One of the greatest neighborhoods the world has ever seen. They have amazingly cool swim and tennis teams. They recently built a new pool, along with a sweet slide. If you are a member of this elite club, you are considered one of the top 1% of the coolest people in the world, a fact supported by The 2000 Census, The USA Today, and MTV.
River Falls is the greatest place on earth.
by RFisBALLIN April 02, 2008
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River Falls is a suburban town filled with college students, hicks, and alarmingly old people. Everyone in this town thinks they are hood-ass-gangstas because of their close proximity to Minneapolis,MN. Grandma has spinners on her wheel-chair and junior has gold braces.
That wannabe, fake-ass, cracker must be from River Falls.
by ktcrich March 02, 2009
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