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the woods in Norway; a wooded area which happens to be in Norway
I took a walk through the Norwegian wood.
by Mr. Spock July 20, 2004
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1. One who cannot do the simpest tasks.
2. One who continuously creates havocs on the road due to making more than 2 attempts at parallel parking, running a stop sign, going 20 in a 30 mph zone.
3. Generally...an idiot.
1. You jabroni! The bowling ball goes up the lane...not BACKWARDS!
2. Did you see that jabroni? s/he rolled through the stop sign and didn't wait their turn.
by Mr. Spock February 26, 2004
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Breathe in the aer. Let the aer fill your lungs.
by Mr. Spock July 20, 2004
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A tiny town in Wisconsin, noted for its complete lack of Taco Bells.
"My family was on vacation in Black River Falls, and that is when my little brother starved to death from taco deprivation."
by Mr. Spock July 20, 2004
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The fluid that is circulated by the heart
A sweet crystalline or powdered substance
Sexual intercourse
A lot of fun
The Red Hot Chili Peppers provided a lot of fun in the form of Blood Sugar Sex Magik.
by Mr. Spock July 20, 2004
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A small city in central Wisconsin, noted for its awesome Crystal River Canoe Trip. Otherwise, during the winter, noted for its 13+ inches of snow.
Visit Waupaca during the summer and go on the Crystal River Canoe Trip while you are there.
by Mr. Spock July 20, 2004
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