Mostly peaceful means of assisting in cleanup operations
The rioting involved "mostly peaceful" people assisting in clearing out an overcrowded store
by mikesaidwhat November 19, 2020
1. a violent disturbance. Mayhem, may result in people getting injured, maybe even killed. Property damage and destruction, arson and vandalism usually occur during a riot.

2. a trip, a blast, a gas, anything that is funny and/or cracks people up. Something that is fun.
1. In the spring of 1992 many people believed that the "Rodney King riots" that erupted in several American cities was a case of "black rage". I saw on ABC-TV live coverage reports that the rioters had plenty of non-black people in their ranks: there were a lot of white and Hispanic looters and vandals as well. Also, one morning that week, ABC showed that some black-owned shops and businesses had also been trashed during the disturbances. The weeklong ruckus was not a "racial" thing. It was for most of the participants an excuse to chuck a brick into a pharmacy window, or to steal a stereo from an electronics store, or simply just to "fuck some shit up".

2. I was driving in Canada when I heard that Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife, who then killed herself. Still, to this day nobody knows why it happened. It'll probably forever be a mystery. Nonetheless, it was a tragic event. I've seen Phil on SNL and other TV shows and movies, and he was a total riot.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 28, 2007
The city won't lower the drinking age? Let's riot!
by eieio January 13, 2004
unrestrained disturbance resulting in violent behavious
The population was in riot over the decision made by the local police.
by arm March 18, 2005
That kid is such a riot. I couldn't stop laughing when he told that joke.
by Light Joker February 2, 2005
One of Geometry Dash's best players who has set several records and invented the legendary "straight flying"
I honestly think riot is the best player
by Krispywitch235 March 25, 2017
Let's start one.
You: "I'm bored"
You: "k"
by TehKraken November 22, 2009