A man who makes sex with another man. (UK Slang)

Gay 1: Turd burgling your way to poo piracy?
Gay 2: Up your batty, you queer little ringpiece raider!
Both Gays: Up the bum, no harm done! *Giggles*

Hetro: That's so fucking gay, stop being gay.
by Lexical Sodomy May 16, 2008
A sore and tender area (sometimes bleeding) around the anus caused by moisture that has built up in the arse-crack. Usually a problem with runners and joggers where the combination of arse sweat and the constant rubbing together of the cheeks causes skin chaffing and irritation. Can also be caused by walking in wet clothes.
I went out for a run today as it was a nice hot sunny day. I was soon regretting it after an hour; I had a severe case of jogger's ringpiece and had to cut it short.
by ade123999 May 29, 2011
A large sweaty leather clad motorbike rider who has a penchant for bizzare sexual practices.
"Holy shit, watch your girlfriend. Here comes that ringpiece renegade and hes got his electrified butt-plug with him."
by billdad May 15, 2005
When a vehicle is lowered to its maximum ability
"Holmes! Check that lo rider! Its slammed on its ringpiece!"
by noomz January 8, 2008
my sidepiece took 3 months before she let me be her ringpiece burgular
by turboeeyore October 16, 2017
After youve had seriously hot diorhea and your ringpiece stings like hell
by Jm153915283618 November 12, 2013
When someone doesn't wash themselves or their clothes for days and stink like shit
Reece hasn't washed again he smells like a Ringpiece
by Jexma December 9, 2021